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MAHARAJA Traditional Rajasthan Hand Stitched Pure SILK KANTHA Quilt Blanket in Pattern A (One of A Kind)

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The  luxurious MAHARAJA quilt Feels Like royalty! This versatile quilt can be used as a bed cover for a queen size bed. Flip it on one side or the other for different bedroom looks! Use it as a blanket for your couch. Cover yourself with luxury while taking a much needed nap. Made from luxurious 100% Crepe Silk from India. 

  • A unique PURE SILK saree print on each side
  • 100% Organic and Eco-Friendly One of a kind
  • Great as abed cover or naps on the sofa.
  • Traditional Handstitched Quilted silk from India
  • Soft Recycled cotton batting,  recycled silk on the outside.
  • Dimensions: 90"H x 70"W

This beautifully quilted silk blanket brings calm and peace in every stitch. Throw it over one of our Zen Floor Couches and bring the feeling of JAIPUR right into your home. 

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Kantha, in India is a textile tradition that first appeared in the 18th-19th century. This embroidery technique has strong links to Hindu mythology and it is also one of the earliest examples of feminist art. In Bengal, rural women have kept this tradition thriving by repurposing and stitching together layers of soft saree and old dhotis. Kantha can be found in Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and South India. Kantha embroidery used in home décor comes from Jaipur.

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