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Silk saris follow a lifecycle quite different from the mass produced cotton and polyester we normally see today. Silk, normally derived from the cocoon of various larvae, commands a more delicate farming process due to its inherent fragile nature. Beyond this, silk in the Kanchipuram region is still hand woven into saris by only around 5,000 artisan families.

Once these saris are crafted by hand, they are generally only worn a few times by affluent Indian women before being traded off, not sold, to a local “Wallah”. This trade off is engrained into their culture, and is one of the main reasons I prefer to use silk from India.

Once received by our tailors, these high quality sari’s are cut, sewn, and embellished to create the beautiful pieces you see around the shops of our wonderful partners. Find a local Indie Ella distributor through our shop locator.