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What is Gua Sha? Treat “Maskne” with our new favorite facial tool!

What is Gua Sha? Treat “Maskne” with our new favorite facial tool!

Dec 22nd 2020

“Maskne,” meaning the irritating breakouts caused by constantly wearing face coverings.

Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese massage tool used on the skin for its therapeutic benefits.

What do these things have in common? The Using Gua Sha techniques on your face can help prevent and cure those pesky maskne breakouts. Indie Ella is always here to share information on sustainable, radiant living, so we’ve put together this guide to help you sooth your beautiful skin naturally.

Here’s why Gua Sha works:

  1. This massage stimulates the top two layers of skin, and has been shown to clear clogged pores
  2. In this study, Gua Sha increased skin blood circulation by 400% in patients regularly using Gua Sha tools.
  3. It improves lymphatic circulation, helping your body to clear toxins, reducing acne in the process
  4. Gua Sha decreases inflammation in the skin over time

Maskne is the new norm, but why??

While we’re all protecting ourselves by wearing face coverings, oil and dirt are getting trapped under the fabric, clogging our pores and irritating skin. This is primarily responsible for these new “maskne” breakouts.

Skin blemishes can also occur when our bodies don’t properly eliminate toxins. Circulation and diet are largely responsible for this ability to eliminate toxins.

What to do to prevent and treat mask-induced breakouts?

  • Wear masks made of antimicrobial fabrics like silk--research has shown that one layer of silk can be equally as effective as 3 layers of cotton

*Indie Ella offers  beautiful one of a kind silk bandanas!

  • Use a Gua Sha tool to improve microcirculation and cleanse your skin of toxins
  • Wash your reusable masks very frequently
  • Spend extra time on yoga and other stress-reduction activities during these times, when we’re all feeling a bit more stressed than usual!

*If you’re diving into meditation for stress relief, check out these silk meditation cushions to keep your tush comfy

Without further ado...

Gua Sha technique:

  1. Apply generous amounts of skin oil or moisturizer to your entire face and neck
  2. Grip the tool firmly, and place it on your neck, with the notches facing downwards. Using firm, but not to hard pressure, begin making strokes from the base of your neck up to your skull.

* The tool may make your skin look red, but it shouldn’t feel painful! Adjust the pressure to find the right balance of pressure

3. Now, use the notched side of the tool to stroke from your chin out along your jaw-bone until you reach your ear

4. Use the flat side of the tool to stroke from the side of your lip, along your cheek bone until you reach your hairline.

5. Use the notched edge to massage under your eyes and on your eye brows, starting towards the center of your face, and terminating at your hairline.

6. Lastly, use the flat side of the tool to stroke upward from the top of your eyebrow, across your forehead, and terminating at your hairline.

Important reminders for Gua Sha Technique:

  • Apply each stroke at least 5 times
  • Never use Gua Sha on a wound, or irritated and inflamed skin
  • Gua Sha can help prevent breakouts, but shouldn’t be used on active breakouts since it may irritate the area even more.
  • Always use oil or moisturizer to ensure the tool doesn’t damage your skin!

At this point you’re probably wondering what the heck a gua sha tool is…

They come in various shapes and sizes, and generally look like this:

These tools are made from natural materials like jade, quartz, and other stones, so they can last you a lifetime and won’t pollute the Earth with plastic or harmful chemicals.

So now you know why Gua Sha is one of the leading trends in natural beauty right now.

Of course, this skin care routine works best when done daily, so we recommend adding it to your daily self-care routine. Enhancing to your self-care is one of the BEST ways to combat stress, so consider treating yourself a little extra nice this winter. Adorn your woman-cave with new zen-worthy cushions, welcome some new plant companions, or just take 15 extra minutes for yourself.

See you next time, thanks for shining your light!