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​Pretty and Cheap Boho Décor for Weddings

​Pretty and Cheap Boho Décor for Weddings

Mar 25th 2021

It’s that time again! With spring rapidly approaching and 2020 behind us, we are seeing a surge in wedding plans with no shortage of ideas!

After a tough 2020, we know one thing: Even though work and the drudgery of life can be fleeting, true love endures it all!

To no one’s surprise, cheap is in this season.

And with that, Boho is back! But did it ever really leave?

Without further ado, here are some beautiful – and cheap – ideas for your Boho wedding!


Picture the scene. Lovers on the beach overlooking a calm sea-scape, seafowl flying in the distance. As they lovingly share their carefully rehearsed vows, what are they under? Can you picture it?

A teepee arch. Wooden. Colorful. A relic of a bygone era where romantic partners escape to an island paradise or even just to their backyard. This is the essence of Boho.

Example Pic:

Wood Triangle Wedding Arch  Boho Wedding Triangle Arch  Pine 9ft

Tie Dye Wedding Gowns:

Add a little bit of fun to the wedding! Stand out in a memorable way with a fashionable and cheap tie-dye wedding gown! All eyes will be on you, but not just for your beauty, but for the feel-good vibes that you so effortlessly emanate!

Example Pic:


Nothing says Boho more than woven fabric tied into exquisite knots to bring out that natural vibe! Instead of a lavish centerpiece, try macrame plant hangers. You will bring nature in memorable fashion to your boho chic wedding! DIY or on the cheap, its your choice!

Example Pic:


Nothing says “free-spirit” like a natural flower crown. Best part is you can let your creativity shine! Whether it’s with Baby’s Breath, Pussy Willow, Pink Peppercorn, or Everlasting flowers, you will accentuate your natural beauty on a budget!

DIY: flower crown with fresh flowers

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but I promise there is so much more. With Boho Chic, the only limit is your creativity – any budget will do! Begin your marriage to the love of your life with good vibes and natural beauty!