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Meet Flannery, Inspiration Behind the Robe

Dec 9th 2019

Meet Flannery, Inspiration Behind the Robe

As is customary in the world of fashion, Indie Ella depicts women modeling the beautiful recycled silk Double Flannery robe on our website. But it would probably surprise you to learn that the Flannery is not only a unisex piece but was actually inspired by a man!

Flannery Kelly is the muse for this reversible recycled silk robe, and as it turns out, his namesake is also one of his Indie Ella Lifestyle favorites. On any given day around the Indie Ella central office by the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA, Flannery can be found admiring the Double Flannery robes.

Wearing the Double Flannery Like Flannery

If you ever thought of draping yourself in a silk robe as the height of luxury, then you can imagine why Flannery is so fond of the Double Flannery. Each Flannery piece is unique, created from recycled sari material at a low-waste locally-owned fair wage cottage industry in India. The robes are designed to be both washable and reversible, and won’t stain with water like if your hair is still wet when you slide it on after a nice bath.

More than that, though, the Flannery is, in his own words, “At home, relaxed and at peace with enjoying life.”